Jennifer Zweizig


I'm a Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Kutztown University, and an additional 2 years of training with The Milton H. Erikson Institute of Philadelphia. I specialize in couples, families and individuals, and utilize Genealogy and Family Systems to create conscious awareness of patterns that continue to cycle in one’s life. I enjoy helping clients get to the root of their life issues. Whether it is marital challenges, family conflict or individual issues, tracing the history back to early learning patterns can provide clarification and integration in order to manage present centered behaviors and thoughts.

I meet individuals in the present, hearing each unique journey, and guiding you in unraveling the patterns that may be keeping you stuck in a loop that may feel difficult to overcome.  I also treat issues using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) along with Solution Based Therapy.  My specialties include relationship issues (couples, marital therapy), transitions and dynamics, communication issues and negotiations, trauma, grief, anger issues, anxiety and depression.

I look forward to meeting you and joining you on your path to wellness, and assisting you in your therapeutic goals.