Martha Durkin


Martha Durkin, LSW, ACSW, has seen clients in private practice for twenty years. She has a post-graduate specialty in Family Therapy, and sees individuals, families, adolecents and couples. Martha received clinical supervision from Dr. Harry J. Aponte for many years. She has enhanced her clinical expertise by incorporating into her work the principles of Structural Family Therapy, which Dr. Aponte developed with Dr. Salvador Minuchin at the The Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. She believes the need to understand and accomplish appropriate developmental tasks across our lifespan provides a foundation for positive life functioning. Martha has been part of a regional multi-disciplinary domestic violence consortium. She integrates concepts of trauma and theme theory as part of a trauma-informed approach to people impacted by traumatic events. She is a proponent of mindfulness and relaxation training as empowerment tools to help self-regulate anxiety and existential distress. She uses techniques from Imago Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Rational Emotive therapy to address therapeutic issues. In recent years she’s presented and written on the issue of grief. Her background includes extensive experience in training practitioners, agency staff, and adoptive and foster parents. She has worked in the administration of a large public welfare agency, has extensive grant-writing and program development experience, and has consulted for non-profits.