“Emily has been a true gift. She is warm and friendly and makes me feel comfortable.” – Private name, September, 2017

“I love Dr. McGuire!! She has truly helped me gain a better insight in many avenues in my life. She’s very professional, she does not judge, and is very personable. I would highly recommend anyone who’s going through difficult times either mentally or emotionally to definitely seek a professional therapist. See Dr. McGuire, for you may come in pieces but after a session with her you’ll leave in peace.”- M.M., August 2017

“When I first called, I spoke to an actual human being, and was given a prompt appointment! My therapist was warm and engaging, which made me feel better about the process.” – L.K. August 2017

“Robin is very knowledgeable and has helped my daughter tremendously. She is always prompt and professional, and we are glad with the choice we made coming here.” – Private Name, August 2017

“Through CBT with Emily Boland, I have uncovered and discussed the hard times in my life, and am able to cope in a healthy way thanks to her.” – G.L. July 2017

“I was not in a good place a while ago. My weekly appointments have helped me grow, love myself, and overcome the hardships that I have faced in my life. It isn’t easy reaching out for help, but I am happy that I did.” – Private Name, July 2017

“I am so grateful for Dr. McGuire” – K.T., June 2017

“Michele gave me life again.” – Private Name, May 2017

“I have my ups and downs. Some days are better than others. Martha really helps me to take steps to deal with suppressed emotions constructively.” – B.J., May 2017

“Through counseling with Dr. McGuire, I have been able to learn to let go, to forgive myself, and to love myself. To be able to grieve losses of family and to have confidence in myself. To know I don’t always have to be in control of every situation” – B.R., April 2017

“Marriage counseling is helping me to communicate with my husband and to understand his moods and my moods; and not to react but to calmly have a discussion. The hypnosis with Michele is helping me to relax, breathe, and to manage my chronic pain.” – R.B., April 2017

“All of the questions I have are answered by my therapist. I trust her and her knowledge with what I am going through. I feel as though our weekly sessions are well spent and I always leave feeling better.” – M.U., April 2017

“I’m blessed with the therapist that I have; Martha Durkin. I would not be able to achieve what I’m doing without her.” – Private Name, March 2017

“Robin is a wonderful therapist. She is so in touch with the challenges that mothers and teenage daughters face together. There is no feeling of judgement – she is incredibly sincere and invested in offering constructive solutions. She encourages me to find the answers and dig deep!” – C.K. March 2017

“So welcoming and friendly. I do not regret making that initial appointment, although I had never done anything like therapy before. It is worth it.” – M.C. January 2017

“Being able to bring my dog has helped my anxiety so much. I thank you guys for letting her tag along with me to sessions!!” – Private Name, December 2016

“I was skeptical about starting therapy. A friend referred me here and I thank him every day for it.” – T.R. October 2016

“The skills I’ve learned with Oswald have helped me a lot. I am a much happier person now.” – A.N. October 2016

“The environment is great, I don’t feel like I’m walking in to “therapy.” Our hour spent together is meaningful and productive” – Private Name, August 2016